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Transteel Aeris - life in motion

Get the natural freedom of movement lost through daily office life. This chair has been designed without compromise around the natural biomechanical model of the human being.


The first active seat for standing/sitting through innovative technology and ergonomics. It meets all the demands of the workplace without compromise.


It permits movement and change of posture in all directions using 3D technology. The speciality: it adapts itself to you - not vice versa! This way stay you in motion all the time and keep your back strengthened.


Sit in any way, style or fashion. You’ll feel equally at home with your body’s most comfortable posture at any point. This your all-in-all chair.


Designed specially for children's great need for movement at kindergarten and primary school ages. It can actively prevent bad posture and back problems and builds intellectual development by improving blood circulation.


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