Organoid natural surfaces are an award-winning innovation from Tyrol, Austria, that emerged from years of intense research. Organoid creates hand-made surfaces from naturally preserved flora through a meticulous, quality-oriented manufacturing process.

As a trusted partner, Transteel now offers a select range of Organoid surfaces through our channels.

Organoid HPL

Organoid uses laminated panels and employs carpentry machines for processing its natural surface, WILDSPITZE.

Organoid Wallpaper

The ALMWIESN wallpaper offers fresh designs and gentle scents of Alpine hay. This wallpaper can be applied by wall-pasting technique.

Organoid Translucent

Organoid Translucent Self-Adhesive adds to the aesthetics of any setting. For example, the reception desk depicts the shore of a lake with its reed and grass.

Organoid Acoustics

Together with the Tyrolean lighting manufacturer Licht, we developed Organoid Acoustics — which feature Organoid’s decorative coatings and combine light and sound absorption.

Organoid Flexi

With our Organika cases, you can experience nature wherever you go. Feel the essence and scent of nature at your fingertips.

Organoid Everywhere

Organoid Everywhere Self-Adhesive won the Golden Pixel award in the category ‘Ecological & Environmentally Friendly’ for the best print product of 2018.

Organoid Pure

Manufactured without carrier materials, Organoid Pure panel curtains offer airy, light, and translucent effects and scents of natural materials.

Organoid Flooring

We developed Organoid Flooring in partnership with Li&Co., Switzerland. The conical skirtings with natural surfaces offer a harmonic finish to the floors.

Organoid Rolle

Organoid Rolle is available in direct coating and assembled forms. Possible carriers for this product are Organoid Flexi, wallpaper flat back, translucent self-adhesive, everywhere self-adhesive, or put fabrics and fabrics.

3D Moulds

3D moulds are manufactured through two methods:

- Natural surfaces are set on moulds made from steel, foam, or aluminium

- Natural raw materials are processed into solid moulded parts


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